In-N-Out Pop-Up Restaurant In Sydney

What did you have for lunch? I got to eat one of my geeky fatty favourites from when I lived in the States: In-N-Out. They setup a special pop-up restaurant at Barrio Chino in Kings Cross today. Is the chain coming to Australia? My waistline hopes not. Looks like today was a one-off promotion, but if you missed out Lifehacker has all the details on making your own In-N-Out burger. Oh god.

Thanks to Ben and James from Gizmodo’s ops team for scoring me a burger and taking these pics!

OK, and this pic courtesy of Allisbrawl -- a 10 by 10 In-N-Out special order burger in the States. That's just gross.


    I had heard heaps about In-N-Out but I didn't get a chance to go to one when I was in LA. I really hope they come to Australia, there is nothing better than a good burger.

      There are literally millions of things better than a good burger. :)
      Even in LA

        Indeed. According to Google search there are in fact women in LA.

          Yes, but would you rather have a woman or a woman AND a good burger?

          A good burger is the only thing that can't be improved by a good burger. By that criteria (which is the criteria that I use) there is nothing better than a good burger.

          Women are only better than burgers if you don't already have a woman. I'm sure someone has published a list of reasons why burgers are better than women, along the same lines as why teddy bears are better than men.

            have a few hamburgers and you wont be able to have any women

              It is a truth universally acknowleged that a man in possession of a good woman must be in want of a hamburger.

    Sigh... Couldnt get my burger today. Oh well off to the states in a week! Hahah my waistline is going to pay!

    They have Carls Jr in Auckland, so hopefully some more of the more of them down here.

      They have a proper Wendy's in Auckland. C'mon Australia get on board.

        Oddly Wendys in Auckland is better than it is in the USA

          So you've been to every Wendy's in the US to make that broad generalization? I think not. On the other hand, I have been to the Wendy's in better no worse than the ones I've been to in my homeland.

            Your homeland? Mine too, now move on.

        We use to have Wendy's in Australia, they went kaput during the 80's. I vaguely remember seeing one as the internal cafe at a Kmart & that there was one in Glenferry Rd, Malvern just up from the tram depot.

    Bit of a typo there... that's not a 10 by 10, it's a 100 by 100.

    five guys is better!

      Yup it sure is! Was back over Xmas and ate a ridiculous amount of Five Guys. Fries hands down kill In N Out

    GODDAMIT I am going to Sydney tomorrow and it wont be there, I hope this chain comes here.

    Here's to hoping they do this in Melbourne!

    Personally... US inspired burgers suck!! Nothing beats a quality, lamb burger with fresh ingredients..

      And a proper bakery bread roll!

      Um no. Lamb as a burger sucks. Just Lamb shanks, lamb cutlets, lamb ribs...yum. As a burger...err, bleech.

      Try a burger from mom and pop burger joint, and you'll be convinced.

      Any why do you Aussies make such sweeping generalizations? ALL US inspired burgers suck? You've had burgers from all over the US and feel you are qualified to make such an assessment?

    I could find many burgers around Perth that are 100x better than that.

      Perth has had an explosion of gourmet burger places open in the last year or so. Jus' Burgers, Grill'd and Burgermeister are all amazing. Even the Burger Edge, who are a bit more 'chain like' do a pretty good feed. These look ok, but I'd argue we could do just as well, if not better.

      Geez Matt, just chill. Most of the world generalises and stereotypes.

      Most non Americans prefer their own countries food. You don't have a monopoly in the U.S

    I thought part of their mystique was the "hidden menu" with the animal style, protien burger etc.Surly they must be setting up shop here otherwise why spend marketing dollars in a market in which they don't compete?

    I havn't had dinner yet. Now I want a hamburger!
    But the chippy is shut.

    Back to plan A: last night's leftover char kway teow cooked into a delicious omlette with salad. I know this will be better, but I still kinda want a hamburger!

    If it's ANYTHING as good as the one in the USA, I'm so going!

    That's no 10x10. No sir, that's the vaunted 100x100.

    Important question: was beetroot available? I think a double/double, animal style, with beetroot would be a wonderful thing.

    Well i've heard Gordon Ramsay really liked this place and went there a bunch while filming Hells guess is that it's good, now we just need to get a Whitecastle and i'll be happy

    In-n-out are awesome...I've had to make my own to stop the cravings. I based it off the lifehacker one but it was waay too fussy, so I made it easier.

    I went to LA for 2 months.. and I LOVED the burgers there.. the chips (fries) not so much :/ but I am Sooooooo Upset I missed out on the chance to have In N Out burgers here in Sydney :( Poor advertisement I had no idea they were here :'( What a shame.. I would have spent at least $200 on burgers haha :(

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