iiNet Launches 15 Wireless Hotspots Across The Perth CBD

With the rise of things like LTE and HSPA+, the promise of free public Wi-Fi has lost some of its allure... but not all of it. iiNet has just rolled out 15 new wireless hotspots across the Perth CBD for its customers.

Announced in a blog post over the weekend, the iiNet hotspots offer free public Wi-Fi access to iiNet customers.

There are 15 hotspot locations across the city. Whenever you’re near one of the hotpots with a wireless compatible device in hand, simply select the ‘iiNet’ WiFi network and log in with your account details. You don’t even need to know your primary account username and password –- any email address and password associated with your account will let you onto the WiFi network.

The service will also work for iiNet subsidiary customers from WestNet and NetSpace, with Internode, AAPT and TransACT customers to get access at some point in the future.


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