How To Keep Your House From Reeking Of Cat Piss With A Computer Fan And Some Ducting

You haven't cleaned the litterbox in what, two weeks now? It's all well and good that you've acclimated to the overwhelming stench of ammonia and kitty poop but what about when guests come over? With some minor mods and a little electrical engineering, you can keep your home from smelling of feline by-products without actually having to be a responsible pet owner and clean up!

The Odorless Cat Litter Box by Instructibles submitter, Projectwriter, is reportedly cheap and simple to construct using easily-scavengable items. "This project costs less than $US35 to make and can be prepared from affordable household's and recyclable objects. The design is perfect for apartment dwellers," said Projectwriter. Then again, a slotted spoon will run you what — three, four bucks? [Instructables via Hacked Gadgets]

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