Hey Nerds, Don't Protest Against The Wrong SOPA

Before a few dense US senators threatened to start shutting down websites without any semblance of due process, there was another SOPA: the Scottish Organic Producers Association. And unfortunately, this small band of farmers found themselves on the receiving end of last week's public fury.

According to the UK Register, the organisations site was littered with a few dozen nasty comments, linked to the proposed anti-piracy legislation. Was a deliberate troll from a couple of cheeky people with too much time on their hands? Perhaps. Was it the byproduct of a handful of dim-witted people who were swept up in too much of a frenzy to bother reading? Also a possibility. Either way, the end product is kind of hilarious, generating ironic gems such as this.

Stop what you are doing. NOW. Your laws are stupid!! We love entertainment. I'd copyright all i want!! Problem? I'd do it to entertain friends, Family and even strangers!! You pass and you'll be hated everywhere in the world! Why can't you fat f**k americans get this in your uneducated heads?!

And I can't even blame this one on 'merica. [The Register via CNET]

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