Hands On: Turn Your iPhone Into A PSP With iCade Mobile

iPhone gaming's great and all, but it's still hard to get over the on-screen touch controls when the screen's only 3.5 inches. Ion's new iCade Mobile let's you basically jam your phone into the body of a PSP and play without cluttering your screen with your own damn fingers.

It works with the iPhone or the iPod touch, tightening up its grip with a rubber insert. It's a lot like the adorable iCade box for iPhone and iPad that turns your devices into an arcade machine, except now it's more like an impromptu PSP Vita.

It looks pretty cool, and the buttons feel good enough for gaming, though not quite as solid as an actual PSP. It also rotates around to portrait mode, for vertical-only games (like Doodle Jump? I'm terrible at that). But for stuff like Infinity Blade, it should help a lot, even if you have infamously tiny fingers like me. It'll be $US79 and ship in May.

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