HandiTheatre Is An Inflatable Cinema For Your Backyard

One day, I will own a proper man cave. It will be decked out with a huge 1080p projector, amazing surround sound speakers, and my children won't be allowed to enter until they reach adulthood. I shall call it, "Sanctuary". Until that day though, I might have to settle for a HandiTheatre, a complete inflatable entertainment solution, turning your backyard into an outdoor cinema.

The all-in-one movie kit includes an inflatable screen — both 2.5m and 3m screens are available — plus a "SmartBox", comprising of an Optoma HD projector and Samsung Blu-ray player with a built in TV tuner. The kit also includes speakers and blower to inflate the screen.

There's ports to plug in a games console, video camera or PC, while the screen doesn't need constant inflation while you watch your movie.

It sounds like a fun way to enjoy your favourite movies or live TV while you're camping, or alternatively just enjoy a film under the stars. Pricing starts at $3498 for the 2.5m version and $3998 for the 3m version.

[Smart Digital]

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