Google Subject To FTC Antitrust Investigation

I'm not the only one troubled by Google's new Search Plus Your World -- Google's aggressive push to include social results in its search that seems to favour Google+ over other social media services. So is the FTC.

Bloomberg reports the FTC has expanded its antitrust probe to look at whether or not Google is giving preferential treatment to its own products, like Google+, in its newly revamped search.

As I argued yesterday, I don't really care for the sake of Twitter or Facebook or Flickr whether or not Google gives its services preferential treatment. What matters is relevance. And if Google is promoting its own services at the expense of relevance, that's bad for consumers.

Ultimately, when the FTC investigates antitrust, it's not doing it to protect businesses, it's doing it to protect consumers. Because that's who is ultimately hurt in all this.



    Yestodays rant wasn't enough?

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    this again????

    Another day, more FUD. Messing with a companies ability to innovate isn't protecting consumers, I understand its a bloggers job is to get page clicks but I expect this kind of uninformed crap from the mainstream media rather that a tech blog.

    if it was microsoft people would be jumping up and down i dont understand why google plays this game and gets away with it

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