Geeks Crown Firefox And Safari As Best

Web browser improvements seem to pop out at a pace barely detectable to the human eye, so periodically Tom's Hardware will go through every desktop browser on Windows and OS X with a fine-toothed comb and tell you which one comes out on top. This time around, they like Firefox and Safari.

Firefox and Safari trounced through much of the competition in nearly every category tested, though they felt Chrome performed admirably. Surprisingly, Chrome tested worse than even Internet Explorer in the HTML5 and WebGL tests, but consistently proved it could load a page faster than any other browser. Firefox, while fast and powerful, still is incapable of containing memory leaks. And on OS X at least, Safari shows the advantage of in-house development, emerging victorious in the majority of OS X tests. [Tom's Hardware]


    You can do all the tests at one time you like, but if you use any of these browsers long enough you really know their pitfalls. I have watched over the years Firefox become a slow, crashing, memory, hungry monster. I used to love Firefox but the beginning of the end started with their on-going disaster which should called the 'plugin-container.exe' fiasco. While in use, Firefox's memory usage screams through the stratosphere, videos freeze and page viewing is a nightmare. Over time Firefox has become a Browser set in cement, going nowhere and slowing usage. Firefox today is a nightmare. Nobody fixes the problems, they just proclaim the next new memory hungry, stuttering, crashing release. Poeple are trying of the Firefox 'smoke & mirrors' without supplying a simple, fast Browser.

    No more one off, isolated tests.....tell the truth. Firefox is dying, if not dead.

    Since not being able to use Firefox anymore, I have migrated over to Chrome, and it is smooth, slim and sensible on its memory usage.

    This article does not tell the true story of what users really go through.
    Internet Explorer is buggy and unpredictable.
    Chrome is modern, fast and functions on a small footprint.
    Firefox has changed from the industry leader to a corrupted, slow, bloated, crashing, freezing browser....something we thought we left behind years ago.
    And all the other Browsers, don't count, don't rate.

    I saw the title of your article and I thought you guys have got to be joking!
    Happy Aprils Fool on the readers of this article.
    This should be a notice of the burial of Firefox.

    Dear readers, go to Chrome....It's what modern Browsers should be!


      I would if chrome actually worked with 50% of the websites I visit.

      Additionally, the 64-bit version of IExplorer/Waterfox doesn't work with Battlelog, so they're instantly shit.

      Which leaves me with just 32-bit Firefox...

    Been using Waterfox for a week now and it is the fastest browser I've ever used. I think Mozilla should make this 64bit browser the prime and the 32bit the option. Never going back to Firefox now!

    firefox9 i dont have a problem with... its 7 and 8 i had problems with.. now that i have firefox9 it dont chunk so much after watching something on youtube.

    die google die.

    god i hate google.


        This is why you should be very afraid of what google intends.

    Safari was good until it 4 became incompatible with newer websites, and Safari 5 onwards is just plain broken, I open it and click bookmarks, and it crashes. It also cannot keep up with me clicking the address bar and typing.

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