Foxtel Coming To Samsung TVs This Year

Foxtel on Xbox was a revelation for me during the Rugby World Cup last year. Being able to watch the matches live over my internet connection without a contract was exactly the way I wanted to enjoy the tournament. And according to Stephen Fenech over at TechGuide, soon Samsung Smart TV owners will get access to Foxtel in the same way.

Launching in April, the Foxtel service will be part of a new unified video on demand application on Samsung Smart TV sets. At this stage, channel selection and pricing is still yet to be confirmed, but it will most likely mirror the Xbox and T-Box services.

Samsung Australia director of audio visual Phil Newton told TechGuide: “The unified application will have your free to air TV, your Bigpond TV channels which are currently only available on T-Box, your VOD (video on demand) services – both our own 3D plus the others like Bigpond movies or Quikflix.

“And in April we’ll be adding selected Foxtel channels as well down the pipe and into our TV.”

More Internet TV services is awesome, although given the availability of Foxtel on Xbox, it's not too big of a selling point for Samsung. It's still awesome news though...


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