Four-Wheeled Personal Rover: Segway For Cheapskates

I still think the Segway has a lot of potential, but not until it reaches a reasonable price point. So in the interim, this Personal Rover could fill the gap, providing similar functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Riding it looks like a cross between skateboarding and cross-country skiing, since steering the four-wheeled, non-balancing rover is accomplished by leaning left or right while holding a couple of poles.

As far as form factor goes, its large rubber tyres and boxy frame don't have the same visual appeal as the futuristic-looking Segway. But it will also cost you just $US1000, compared to the Segway's $US5000+ price tag. The Personal Rover's 800W electric motor will propel a rider up to 24km/h for as far as 19km on a single charge, while the whole package folds up for easy storage in a garage or trunk of a car. But because it has a limited turning radius, don't expect to see obnoxious Personal Rover polo clubs popping up. (Probably a good thing.) [Personal Rover via CNet]

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