Foolproof! Man Somehow Caught Trying To Pay With Homemade Million Dollar Bill

I don't know how they did it, but an eagle-eyed Walmart cashier in Lexington, Kentucky somehow managed to foil Michael Anthony Fuller's attempt to pay for a purchase with a $US1 million bill he made.

Maybe he didn't get the watermarks exactly right? And it's not like Fuller attempted to buy a million dollars worth of merchandise. Instead, he got to the checkout with a vacuum, a microwave, and a few other items totaling just $US476.

The store called the police, and later Fuller was charged with two felonies: attempting to obtain property by false pretense, and uttering a forged instrument. Unknown to him, in 1969 the US government had discontinued the $US500, $US1,000, $US5,000, and $US10,000 bills. And the largest bill ever produced was a $US100,000 note used by Federal Reserve Banks.

So maybe if he had instead tried to pay with a homemade $US1 million Walmart gift card he would have gotten away with his scam. [Winston-Salem Journal via Stuff]

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