Floating Flamer BBQ Lets You Grill On A Canoe

Apparently the creators of this Floating Flamer barbecue haven't heard the old adage that you should wait an hour after eating before swimming. Because they want you grilling up burgers and hot dogs while you're frolicking in the waves.

I can't argue with the convenience of having easy access to grilled consumables without getting out of the water, but this thing just looks downright dangerous. The supports connecting the barbecue to the floats look sharp enough to cut diamonds, and the metal handles on the sides appear to sit right next to the hot coals that cook your food. So I'm sure they're perfectly safe to touch.

The version pictured above is known as the 'Topless' model and is designed to be more compact for weekend excursions. While a larger 'Grand Flamer' is billed as a competition calibre barbecue and includes sliding doors which make it seem only ever so slightly safer to use. Pricing information hasn't been revealed yet, but a quick background check reveals the site is owned by a metal roofing company. And since it's not April 1st, I think the Floating Flamer could actually be a real product. [Floating Flamer via Coolest Gadgets]

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