Eyes-On Sony's Insane Crystal LED Prototype TV

Today during Sony's CES press conference, Sir Howard Stringer oh-so-casually dropped news about this prototype Crystal LED display they have in the works. As it turns out, it's probably the coolest thing Sony has at CES.

What sets the Crystal LED tech apart from other display technology is that instead of using LED's to light up pixels, Sony up and replaced all the pixels with LEDs. That means that there are six million miniature red, blue and green LED's lighting up and delivering a crystal clear, razor sharp picture to our eyes. And seeing it up close was impressive.

Sony had the display side-by-side against a standard LED-backlit display. While I'm sure Sony didn't go out of their way to make the lesser TV perform at its best, the Crystal LED had colours that were significantly richer, and brighter, and a picture that was smoother. Sony also says the display has better contrast and viewing angles than typical TVs, though that wasn't exactly easy to test amongst a crowded convention hall.

The Crystal LED is something that's best appreciated with one's own eyes, (especially since the photos don't tell the half and fell victim to some weird banding effect caused by the TVs), but feast your eyes on this thing nonetheless. Of course this is nowhere near ready for our living rooms, but that still didn't prevent me from walking away with a dribble of saliva running down my chin. [Sony CES Liveblog]

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