Dutch Retailer Outs Nokia Lumia 910

Hot on the heels of the Nokia Lumia 800 getting an official release month in Australia, a Dutch online site has confirmed the rumoured specifications of the Nokia Lumia 910. Not just a 900 rehash; the Lumia 910 will boast a 12MP camera, 16GB of storage, HSDPA speeds and a 4.3 inch display. The rumours surrounding the purported Nokia 910 have been floating for months, but if Dutch retailer Typhone.NL are to be believed, they've been pretty much on the money. Still no sign of a release date — and the listing's been pulled from the originating site — but it's widely tipped to be available in Europe by mid-year, which means we'll see it via importers around then, and probably via carriers six months later. [WPCentral]

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