DreamTraveler Power Bar Dock: Bedside Outlets Aplenty

Besides reliable internet, our most valuable commodity at CES was power. And after scrounging for working outlets for a week, I've got a soft spot for iLuv's new DreamTraveler power bar which can juice up to six devices at once.

The three grounded outlets 'round back are perfect for powering laptops and larger electronics, while a couple of USB ports on the side have enough kick to charge the extra thirsty iPad. There's even a pop-out dock for charging your iPhone that keeps it propped up for use as a bedside alarm clock.

It doesn't skimp on cord length either, which is one feature I'm particularly fond of after having to move furniture in my hotel room just to gain access to a hidden power outlet. Since it was just announced at CES, the DreamTraveler isn't going to be available until sometime in May, when it will sell for around $US50. [iLuv]

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