Dr Pepper Killed Dr Pepper

When Dr Pepper sued Dr Pepper, we joked that real life was imitating Coke Zero commercials, where a company sues itself as marketing humour. This deal with Dr Pepper ain't no marketing joke. Dr Pepper, the parent company, just killed off Dublin Dr Pepper, the best version of Dr Pepper there is. What the hell!

The beef stemmed from the fact that Dr Pepper, the parent company, thought Dublin Dr Pepper, a franchise located in Dublin, Texas, was breaking the franchise agreement and selling their product (which is sweetened with Imperial cane sugar) outside the 35km distribution range. Dublin Dr Pepper denied doing this but agreed to a settlement which dictates that there'll no longer be such thing as Dublin Dr Pepper. Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company will now be known as Dublin Bottling Works Inc and won't be able to make Imperial pure cane sugar Dublin Dr Pepper anymore. Dublin Dr Pepper is bye-bye.

Instead, big business corporate monster Dr. Pepper will take over the 35km distribution range and presumably sell sodas for men only. Joke. They're going to try their hand at the cane sugared soda business but who knows when the doctor wants to up their profits and ditch it. If you have any Dublin Dr Pepper in your fridge, I'd say pour some out for the lost but you'll probably want to save it forever now. [Dallas Observer via Consumerist]

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