Desired: Lego-Compatible Moleskine Journal

I'm constantly floored by what people choose to make with Lego. Why craft a life-size Halo sniper rifle or a Saturn V and not something else? I've got plans of my own, and now Moleskine's got the perfect, fanboy-ready notebook to document them in.

If you love Lego, this Moleskine probably makes you your heart tingle just a little bit. Moleskine notebooks aren't just a gimmick — they're design classics created because there's a satisfaction to knowing you are putting your ideas down into a something beautifully crafted. It shows you take pride in the work. In that way, Moleskine and Lego are a perfect combination. What better place to draw out your plans for your next project? Don't have one? Here's the one I would do.

I recently stumbled upon this incredible Ramones Lego project. It's not exactly new, but I almost flipped out because while I'm fond of all of the completely batshit Lego projects we write about, this one in particular hit home. I'm a huge Ramones fan, with way way too much Ramones stuff: vinyl records, posters, bottle openers, a belt buckle, etc. You could say Ramones is my Lego.

One Google search after my Lego Ramones discovery, I stumbled upon this oh-my-lord "Blitzkreig Bop" minifig music video. It needs to be remade. Either I need to convince this Adam Caldwell character to help me out with his Ramones minifigs, or I'm going to find a way to make it myself. [Moleskine via High Snobriety]

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