Culturemodo: See The Electronic Show That Makes You The Art

Are you in Sydney and looking for something cool to do this weekend? Let me point you in the direction of the Museum of Contemporary Art, where you'll find a crowdsourced electronic art exhibition like nothing you've ever seen. Bonus: admission is free!

Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer has brought his solo exhibition to Australia as part of Sydney International Art Series. He's well-known for his interactive art, and his 'Recorders' exhibition currently on display at the MCA is an incredible example, where he uses biometric detection, microphones, computerised surveillance, robotics and facial-recognition technology to make you the art.

I went to check it out on Wednesday and found it absolutely fascinating. Some of the artworks will even make you laugh, which was pleasantly unexpected. The exhibition is on until February 12, and it's free to enter and participate. Great idea for a date, if you ask me, or even a day trip with your mates. [MCA]

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