Crowdsourced Star Wars Remake Is Done, Watch It

Back in 2009, Vimeo developer Casey Pugh requested the internet's limitless denizens come up with 15-second recreations of scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. The internet responded, heartily and, in 2010, Pugh secured an Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media for his efforts. Since then, the scenes have existed in isolation, snippets of a potentially greater whole. That was until now.

Two of Pugh's colleagues, Bryan Pugh and Aaron Valdez, selected the cream of the crop and edited them together to form a glorious, feature-length film you can watch right now. Beyond one's familiarity with the basic narrative of A New Hope, the content of the video is truly unpredictable. Real people (of normal and creepy dispositions) are joined by Lego and anime alter-egos. Even Twitter makes an appearance.

If you can't imagine how these elements could possibly make anything remotely sane, then don't! Just watch the film below.

[Star Wars Uncut]


    Wow. If that didn't just confirm every nerd stereotype in the history of wedgies, I can't imagine what else could.

    I did lose my shit watching it though, very funny in parts.

    Watched 6-minutes. That was garbage. It makes Star Wars seem crap. Does help bolster the community or anything. Honestly what was the point?

      Dont know what you are talking about but i think this is amazing for what it is

      i lol'd

    Hey, at least it's better than the special editions ;)

    This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Ever.

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