Creating This Laser Cut Paper Eiffel Tower By Hand Would Probably Kill You

Even the most patient crafter would lose their mind cutting out this intricate 12-inch model of the Eiffel Tower by hand. So thank goodness we've harnessed the powers of lasers that make short work of this complicated task.

Available from Artifacture for just $US20, this delicate scale model of Paris' most prominent structure was created using the tower's original plans, just simplified to reduce the manufacturing time on the company's laser cutter to around 22 minutes.

Watching their cutter make short work of the complex ironwork details in this model is simply mesmerising. And you also don't need to be a Martha Stewart-type to assemble it, since the four flat-packed pieces use interlocking tabs instead of glue or tape. [Artifacture via Notcot]

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