Chemistry And Sugar: The Secrets Of A Great Pastry Chef

Cooking is science, as Momofuku's David Chang says. But perhaps no branch more so than the arcane practices of pastry chefs — it's all chemistry and physics.

So it's pretty exciting that Michael Laiskonis, formerly of Le Bernardin and one of the best pastry chefs in the country — and whom you might've seen on Giz in the video above — just dropped three year's worth of work notes and recipes for free on his site.

A sample recipe for bacon ice cream requires:

200g double-smoked bacon 500g whole milk 30g nonfat dry milk 75g granulated sugar 30g glucose powder 20g trimoline 25g granulated sugar 3g ice cream stabiliser 100g pasteurised egg yolks 75g heavy cream

[Michael Laiskonis via Francis Lam]

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