Backpack Scooter Has Already Made My Essential Travel Gear List

Airports can be a daunting place to navigate, and trudging to your gate can be time-consuming and exhausting. And since Segways are downright obnoxious, I like Gustavo Brenck's Gig Pack concept which straps a collapsible scooter to your backpack.

The scooter's base and back wheel stash inside the backpack when you're hoofing it, but easily assemble when it's time to ride, supporting passengers up to 90kg.

There's no mention on how much the pack weighs when it's all folded down, which is concerning given how much crap I try and stuff in a carry-on when I travel. But being able to quickly zip between terminals, knocking other passengers out of my way, suddenly makes air travel something to look forward to. Now all I need is for Gustavo to get his Gig Pack past the concept stage. [designboom]

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