Audio Technica's Solid Bass Buds Are Ready For Your Beats

People love that bass. That's part of the reason that Beats by Dre are so popular. Audio Technica's new tiny Solid Bass headphones bring you that same thump without losing all the rest of the tones in your favourite jams.

The Audio Technica ATH-CKS55i Solid Bass in-ear headphones are designed to produce the heavy bass that's pretty much a requirement for hip hop fans but is hard to get from a set of commuter-friendly buds. Audio Technica also promises a "smooth" frequency response. Translation: you'll get plentiful thud without washing out the middle and high frequencies in your music. We'll have to wait and see for ourselves. Everyone who thinks that Beats are too expensive for $US120 will be happy: the ATH-CKS55i headphones will be available in February for just $US70.

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