Ask Ziggy: Siri For Windows Phone

Ask Ziggy: Siri For Windows Phone

People love Siri. Well, unless they have an accent or a slight speech impediment. What’s important is that Apple really wants everyone with an iPhone 4S use Siri to schedule appointments and look up coffee shops. The Android Market is already filled with enough Siri clones to keep Apple’s lawyers busy for years. It’s time for Windows Phone to get in on the talk-to-your-phone-in-public fun with Ask Ziggy.

What’s it do? Ziggy is Siri for Windows Phone. Hell, the app even looks like Siri. In addition to using the app to call contacts, send tweets, solve maths problems, and update your Facebook status, the app can switch from female to male. Like Siri, the app needs access to the Internet in order to fetch the information needed for your query.

Why do we like it?

If you can get Siri to work for you, it’s actually pretty great. The same can be said for Ziggy. Need to call a friend but don’t want to search through your contacts? Ask Ziggy. Need the weather in Wichita, Kansas? Ask Ziggy. Need to find a Mexican restaurant because you must have a taco right now? Well, you get the point.

Ask Ziggy

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