Are These Idiotic iPad Thieves Uploading Their Pics To Photo Stream?

Ken McLellan's iPad was stolen in December. That sucks, but there's not much you can do about it. Except now he's started getting Photo Stream uploads on his iMac from the wayward iPad, and he's trying to use the pics to track down his tablet and maybe the thieves.

OK, sure sure, there's a pretty good chance that those aren't the actual thieves up there and in the other photos. They could just as easily be people who bought the stolen iPad second hand, either from the actual thief or from Apple, if it was traded in. But come on! The prospect of some geniuses making off clean with an iPad only to be tracked down by uploading dumb pictures of themselves directly to their victim is totally irresistible.

If you know the folks pictured, consider getting in touch with Ken McLellan, who's searching for the iPad in question. Or alternatively — and preferably, really — consider making friends with people who don't use the iPad to take pictures. [FOX via TUAW]

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