7 Tools To Make Your Post-Holiday Transition Back To Work Easier

Besides the over-eating, the worst part of the holidays is that they eventually end. And your days of lounging and indulging will be once again replaced with commuting, emailing, and other less relaxing activities.

So we've put together a kit of seven tools that should make your transition back to the rat race ever so slightly less painful.

Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

Waking up is particularly hard to do if you spent the last week sleeping in. So make your transition to the waking world a little easier with Hammacher Schlemmer's Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock.

Instead of a jarring beep or random song on the radio, it uses a combination of gradual lighting, aromatherapy, and soothing nature sounds to help get you up on the right side of the bed for a change. It won't guarantee you a great day back at work, but it's a good start. US$70

Design Go In-Car Kettle

Sometimes coffee is a better productivity tool than even a personal assistant. And with a design that's meant to be specifically used in a moving vehicle, this Car Kettle will let you down as much joe as possible before you even get to the office. Where you can then continue your caffeine binge until it's time to call it a day. US$28

AeroShot Pure Energy Cartridges

However, the problem with coffee is that it provides a caffeine boost at the cost of stained teeth and bad breath. But that's not an issue with these AeroShot cartridges. Each one provides as much caffeine as a large cup of strong coffee through an inhalable powder. 100 milligrams of caffeine with every puff to be exact.

The downside? At least with coffee you have an excuse to leave your desk every hour for a bathroom break. US$3

Yapper Zapper mobile phone Jammer

Depending on how you choose to enjoy the holidays, there's a good chance your first day back at work might still include a bit of a hangover. And while life still sorely lacks a mute button, the Yapper Zapper is the next best thing.

It discreetly hides in your pocket, and when activated will jam mobile phone signals in a 30 foot radius around you. So whether you're waiting for the bus or sitting at your desk, you can easily silence annoying mobile phone conversations without ever having to politely ask someone to hang up. US$109

USB Stress Ball

If you spent the last days of your vacation anxious over all the stuff you didn't get done before the holidays, you've probably got some stress to deal with. And your run-of-the-mill convention giveaway stress ball isn't going to cut it.

This one comes complete with a USB cable that connects to your PC. Whenever you squeeze or mangle the stress toy in any way, it causes your desktop to warp and stretch in a similar fashion. So if an email arrives that makes you particularly emotional, you can finally extract some virtual revenge on it. US$30

HoMedics Shiatsu Office Chair

Knowing there's a relaxing massage waiting for you at your desk is certainly good motivation to get to the office. Even if it's only from your office chair.

This model from HoMedics promises a true Shiatsu massage, which travels up and down your back with an optional heating element. Just look at how relaxed and comfortable that woman in the product shot is. I'm sure it's all because of the chair, and not because she's a model who got paid to just sit around for that photo shoot.

You can also choose to have the massaging mechanism focus on your entire back, or just the upper and lower sections separately. And while you do have to plug it in, a retractable cord ensures you won't be backing over the cable all day long. US$300


Yes, you read that right. That comfortable feeling of lounging around in your pajamas on Christmas day can be carried over to your cubicle with a pair of Suitjamas.

Made from a satin/silk-like material with an elastic waistband, they're designed to be worn to bed. But thanks to functional pockets and the addition of a clip-on tie, you probably won't get too many stares when worn to work.

It also has the added bonus of making falling asleep on your keyboard slightly more comfortable. And since you technically don't have to change before heading to work, it provides a few more precious moments of sleep in the morn. US$90

Photo: Shutterstock/Timurpix

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