360-Degree Trucks Make This Skateboard Ride Like A Surfboard

Fixed skateboard trucks, no matter how loose, just can't flex enough to match the carving ability and dynamic movement of a surfboard. The SurfSkate's specially designed front truck, however, lets you carve tarmac like swells in the Pacific.

The SurfSkate features a 360-degree rotating front truck that's significantly more narrow than the fixed rear truck. The free-rotating front truck reportedly allows you a greater degree of movement and allows the rider to pump for speed. The SurfSkate comes in two varieties: the 42-inch Premiere, which retails for $US259, and the 36-inch Stunner, which goes for $US239. Both are constructed from seven-ply Canadian maple and available through SurfSkates online store. I'm not sold on it really matching the ride of a surfboard — though it looks damn close — but it certainly beats replacing the front wheels with office chair casters. [SurfSkates via Gizmag]

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