12 Corner-Peering Rifles For Sneaky Shooters

Just standing there, shooting straight at the enemy hasn't worked since the 1800s (or at least the last Die Hard). Cover is king when it comes to gun fights, and these 12 periscope rifles from our friends at Oobject let you shoot without giving your opponent anything to shoot at.

When you're done "rifling" through these images, check out these 14 camera guns, some non-gun guns, and 12 guns concealed in the craziest places.

Demonstration Of A Periscope Springfield Rifle

Corner Peeking Rifle Periscope Patent

Springfield Periscope Rifle

Note the chain of triggers.

US WWI Periscope Rifle

Allows shooting over a trench.

The Vanderlip Pocket Bayonet Periscope

Chandler Trench Periscope SMLE Rifle Adaptation

William Beech And His Invention, The Periscope Rifle

Periscope Gun Based On A US M1903 Rifle

Note how here the stock itself is hinged making the gun fold out into a periscope.

Array Of Periscope Rifles From The Springfield Armory

Belgian Periscope Rifle

M.95 Loopgraafgeweer Dutch Trench Gun

Autralian Periscope-Sighted Rifle, World War 1

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