Your Most Commented Gizmodo Stories Of 2011

Your Most Commented Gizmodo Stories Of 2011

Giz AU readers are definitely never short of opinion; it’s one of the things the Aussie editors love most about you guys. And from ridiculous Apple patents to the NBN to Aussie retailers selling refurbished gadgets at new — you definately shared your thoughts with us and other readers this year. Here are your most commented stories of 2011.

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Apple Now Has A Patent On Slide To Unlock…[167 Comments]

October 26: This is going to get messy. Really messy. Apple’s been granted a patent on slide to unlock. You know what uses slide to unlock? Just about every other touchscreen UI out there, in one way or another. View »

Steve Jobs Is Dead: Gizmodo’s Obituary…[163 comments]

October 6: Steve Jobs has passed away. The Apple chairman and former CEO who made personal computers, smartphones, tablets and digital animation mass-market products passed away today. We’re going to miss him. Deeply and personally. View »

Alyssa Bereznak Just Reminded Us That Women Can Be Predators Online Too…

August 30: Alyssa Bereznak is making us females look bad. I’m ashamed on behalf of our sex that she said those bitchy things. In her article, she accuses a world champion of Magic: The Gathering of being a liar and a creep. In reality, her predatory and trollish behaviour makes her the creepy one. View »

Selling Refurbished Goods As New May Be Common Among Australian Retailers…[143 comments]

December 24: With the recent news of one Dick Smith customer finding his “new” 1.5TB hard drive filled with pirated movies and a maximum capacity only a fraction of its advertised size, other customers and even former employees have emerged from the woodwork to reveal similar experiences with a number of popular retailers, including Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi. View »

Abbott Demands NBN Be Scrapped To Pay For Queensland Floods…[141 comments]

January 19: Well this has to be a new world record – it took almost a week after a natural disaster before the politicians decided it was time to try and score some cheap political points. Tony Abbott yesterday confronted media and called on the government to scrap the NBN in order to pay for the rebuilding in Queensland after the devastating floods last week. View »

Opinion: Music — Buy, Rent, Beg Or Steal?…[132 comments]

November 2: When it comes to online music, you’re spoilt for choice — or are you? What are the upsides and downsides of the current Australian music market models? View »

Opinion: No Amount Of Gadgetry Will Help Aussie Drivers…[130 comments]

November 8: There’s all sorts of cool gadgetry being attached to cars to make them safer for us to drive. None of them will make a single shred of difference to the average Aussie driver. If you think that’s not describing you — it almost certainly is. View »

Australian Census: A Vote For Jedi Is A Vote For Jim Wallace…[121 comments]

August 9: It’s expected that around 30 per cent of us will complete the Census online tonight, up from 10 per cent in 2006. And while it may be funny to enter Jedi or even Pastafarian as your faith if you’re not particularly religious, you should know that your stat won’t count, and that results are used by groups like the Australian Christian Lobby as an example of how many Australians share their viewpoint (whatever that may be). View »

Apple iPhone 4S: Everything You Need To Know…[114 comments]

October 5: Apple’s new iPhone 4S is just last year’s design loaded with a new brain and more memory. It will run your apps faster and Apple’s new iOS 5′s Assistant, an artificial intelligence program that listens and interprets your orders, and a new camera. It just looks exactly the same, but there’s plenty of changes inside: View »

Malcolm Turnbull Can’t Imagine Need For Speeds Faster Than 25Mbps…

August 25: Malcolm Turnbull’s high-speed vision includes the “near term objective that everybody has access to not less than 12Mbps, and within four years…not less than 25Mbps.” But in a comment that could echo Bill Gates’ alleged “640K ought to be enough for anybody” quip from 1981, Turnbull said “it’s difficult to think of many applications of interest to residential users that would not be perfectly well serviced by the speeds I’ve described.” . View »

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