Win One Of 10 Laser-Etched Gizmodo Opena iPhone Cases!

It’s giveaways week here on Gizmodo, and we’ve arranged something a little bit special: 10 limited-edition bottle ‘opena’ cases -- laser-etched with our Gizmodo logo. Your iPhone 4/S has never looked so damn sexy (or ready for a frosty summer beverage).

This competition is now closed. Winners have been announced.

The Opena case was actually conceived by two Aussies and funded via KickStarter. Their latest invention is the Quad Lock Case – a clever new wall and bike-mounting system for the iPhone -- see the Kickstarter widget on the right for details.

How To Enter

Step 1. This comp is a thank you to the diehard Giz fans, so to enter you’ll need to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. We’ll be checking.

Step 2. The Opena case means you’ll never be lost for a bottle opener -- kinda like MacGuyver and his pocket knife. So once you’re following us on Twitter or Facebook, tell us in the comments below about an awesome MacGuyver moment you’ve had.

That's it. That's all you need to do.

Maybe it was duct taping your fan above your bed in summer, or even using rice to help repair a water-damaged gadget. Most interesting true stories win.

And hey, if you don’t win the special-edition Gizmodo case – you can still pick one up as a last-minute Christmas gift for $39.95 over at

Competition closes 11am AEST Monday 19th December. Australian residents only. Full Terms and Conditions here.


    My mcguyver moment would have to be when someone snapped my car antenna while I was in the shops. In the carpark I fixed it using chewing gum and wrapping tape for my ankle! Only things I had in the car that would work! It stayed together and worked perfectly for months until I got a new antenna. Thank you extra :-D

    Id buy an iphone just to have one of those.
    For 2 year my tv antenna stand was a old wooden cargo pallet with a hole drilled in it. i then stuck a broom though the hole and duct taped the antenna to the broom head...... i didn't get channel seven, no big lose.

    I bought an icy cold bottle of alcoholic ginger beer one hot and humid afternoon, only to realise it wasn't a screw top... I was screwed... until I realised that the metal bracket on the inside of my car door makes an ideal opener.

    With my own openacase I'll be able to leave those days behind, crack a cold bottle whenever I like and tweet about the experience at the same time :)

    My McGuyver moment was where we were out with our kids and when pulling their pants up the drawstring broke on our sons pants and they would not stay up. Madly looked around and all I had was my iPhone headphones and daughters hair clip. Ended up threading the headphones through the trousers with the hair clip, and presto- pants up and both son and dad not embarrassed un public.

    So jealous, I have one but so want the gizmodo one instead!

    My McGuyver moment would then be pulling out the Opena at a pub because the bartender didn't open my beer. Talk about a cool conversation starter!

    Couldn't afford a stereo with aux (i was 15). But got an old all in one record player/raido from Nan, which the turntable was pulling off from base, but still worked. Under neath it had RCA into the phono. I disconnected and input the headphone to rca cord from a walkman and later discman into it so I could pump out my sweet sweet tunes on the 1970's stereo. I also made a few additionion outputs from the speaker point to get 4 speakers pumping from it. Basically ripping off the board on the back and twisting in some extra cord.

    Got home one day and found myself to be locked out. I'd left my keys in my room, on my bedside table. So I climbed onto the bin and over the fence into the backyard. I could see my keys from the window, which was locked about one and a half inches open. After sitting around for around 10 minutes, boredom got the better of me and I grabbed the pool cleaner pole along with a pen that was in my bag. I tied the pencil to the end of the pole with a hair tie and went back to my bedroom window. After taking the fly screen off and maneuvering the pole into the room without hitting the fence, I started at the painful task of trying to hook the keyring onto the pencil. A fair amount of swearing later I'd hooked the keys and pulled them out. Since I didn't have a backdoor key on that set, I used a upturned wheelbarrow to climb back over the fence and unlock the front door.

    Oddly enough I always put my keys in a draw now, never lying around.

    Looks like a great idea - right up until you open something that's been shaken up, and foam squirts into your iPhone's dock connector port...

    When I went to splendour in the grass, I needed a bed to sleep on in my tent. So, I removed the back seat from my Ford XR6...

    Always out n looking for an opener so this would be brilliant!!

    Been stuck in many hotel rooms without a bottle opener, most recently found a spoon to prise of the cap of my favourite brew, genius!

    When I was about 8, I was stung by a bee. After many tears I decided I would have my revenge! I located the beehive & meticulously planned my attack. I located 3 lighters (Thanks this instance your smoking habit came in handy) and my dad's multi-tool. I managed to pry off the tops & poured the contents underneath the beehive & struck the match that sent those bees to hell! I couldn't understand why my brother yelled so much, often my partner in crime, but it turns out fires underneath propane tanks aren't usually the best idea :D. Wouldn't be a MacGyver moment without the risk of an explosion! P.S. Kids, although it was an awesome fiery death for the bees, if you're going to play fire don't do it near propane tanks!

    Due to a drunken stumble from one of my girlfriend's friends, shewound up with one shoe witout a heel whil at the local pub.
    Due to me being the deso in the group, it was my job to removee hhe other heel, with the help of a steak kniife and 2 plates to hold the shoe in place i was able to remove the heel.

    My best Macguyver moment was going back when i had a Playstation 2, my TV wasnt stereo, it only had the yellow/ white plugs so i managed to, with an AV cable, a few key rings and some super glue managed to turn it into a stereo TV which was awesome.

    The thing is i dont know how i did it but it worked damn it, so i dont dare question it.

    So this technically isn't my story, It's about my dad...So my family were going to one of those 'fancy' RSL clubs for some lunch, where they insist that you wear enclosed shoes and a collared shirt.
    Collared shirt? Check.
    Enclosed shoes....apparently thongs didn't cut the high class standards of the RSL. So what did dad do? Run down to Coles and bought 2 loaves of bread. Stuck em on his feet and walked right in. Enclosed shoe- uhh footwear right? Anyway he got halfway towards the tables before the got asked to leave by security. I guess the RSL doesn't approve of loafers...

    my macguyver moment was while camping with a bunch of "mates" who decided it would be funny to cable tie all the zips on my tent closed and then remove the poles so it collapsed on me! fortunately i had my keys on me, so after sticking my hand through a small hole and flipping them the bird, i was able to saw my way through the cable ties with my housekey!

      pen (or keys) into the zip would have split it open saving you plenty of time.
      could just get scissors whenever after your out

    Just recently, I taped a head bead from the BBQ to put under the power pack of a set of Christmas lights to stop it falling out of the double adapter. Worked tops.

    As a colenel in the air force, I was once asked by my superiors to go on a mission through some ancient egyptian interstellar teleportation device to an alien civilization where I... oh wait, that was a different Richard Dean Anderson moment...

    I *did* have a MacGuyver moment once at work. I'd put on a few extra kilos over winter and my jeans were a bit snugger than they used to be. I bent down to inspect a pit lid on the ground when the unmistakeable sound of denim ripping assaulted my ears. I quickly scuttled back to the ute, took off my jeans and taped the inside back together - you could still see it was torn, but at least people weren't getting a eyeful of my undies anymore. The tear stayed stuck back together pretty well for the rest of the day - although I avoided any more bending over (and decided it was time to get back into the gym!)

      I forgot the key piece of information of my story! It was my trusty Gaffer Tape that I used for the repair job. Duct tape is great, don't get me wrong, but gaffer tape - that's a tape I'd trust to save my life one day!

    My Macguyer moment was riding my $2k bicycle to work and forgetting to bring my bike lock. With the only security device available being a padlock, I didn't have too many options. That was until I got to my desk and in a light-bulb moment, I detached the 1.5m USB extension cable from my PC, ran back downstairs and using the padlock on the end of a 'fold the cable in half and loop it through' technique, I'd manage to secure my bike and not half it stolen by the end of the day.

    Think you are kinda missing the point guys...They want you to like/follow them THEN tell your story. If I tweeted I'd enter but it'd be hard to keep it to 140. Guess it's FB then.

      actually...a free Opena is probably worth delving into the twitterati for

        actually I'm kinda missing the point...face palm read contest rules properly next time. I assumed they wanted the followers to engage with their other platforms.

        I'm going to slink away now

    My mac guver moment was disassembling my cd burner with a fork and replacing a snapped connector with tin foil all so I could install Diablo 2

    *slinks back to copy-pasta FB comment in vain hopes of still having a shot*

    Love the Opena...My best McGuyver moment...I was 11 and repaired a faulty Nintendo controller with aluminium foil and duct tape. Ah duct tape will your wonders never cease
    Like · · 17 minutes ago · "

    My McGuyver moment would probably be when I painted an old piece of wood black and turned it into a riser for my monitor - saved myself $50, found a use for something old (and some half-empty tins of paint), and it looks awesome too!

    like a true geek, i carry my duck tape everywhere, I'm also a photographer and once, at a concert, i saw a beam holding up lights move, i went and told the manager, rushing together to the stage, i grabbed the beam just as it fell, over the music nobody could hear us calling for help, i told him to grab the roll of duck tape out of my bag, while we held the beam he taped it up, this gave him time to tell the band to get of the stage and the audience to get out of the way, seconds later the beam fell, it would have killed the band,
    lets just say, dinner was on the house...
    the morel of the story, tape.....

      Duck tape. That's so cute! I was going to poke fun at you until I googled it and found out that there is a brand of duct tape called Duck Tape.

    Evertime I carry my Swiss army knive is always my McGuyver moment

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