Who Needs Eardrums When You've Got The 10,000 Watt INuke Boom?

So your amps go up to 11. Big whoop. This mammoth speaker dock from Behringer goes up to 10,000.

The iNuke Boom iPod Speaker Dock is eight feet wide, four feet tall, and tips the scales at a hefty 317 kay-gees. See that little nub at the top of the picture? Yeah, that's an iPhone. An iPhone sitting on top of a $US30,000, tinnitus-inducing sound system that is practically guaranteed to blow out every window in your house. A release date hasn't been set yet as the dock will be officially unveiled at CES early next month. And don't worry about getting to Vegas to see the event, you'll be able to hear it from wherever you are. [eCoustics]

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