Watch Crazy People Wingsuit Jump Into Sydney Harbour

While most normal people spent their Thursday morning eating breakfast and heading to work, Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan jumped out of a plane over Sydney Harbour wearing wingsuits and a couple of Contour action cameras.

The pair jumped from the plane at 14,000 feet with both a Contour helmet cam, as well as one attached to Singleman's foot. While the footage could use some editing, you have to admit that it's a fine way to view the Harbour city... Overall it took them more than two years to get approval for the jump from nine different government agencies, so if you want to give it a go yourself, be prepared to wait.

Obviously the jump was done to illustrate the extreme conditions Contour cameras can withstand. And the footage is testament to the cameras - at the very least, it makes me consider the idea of jumping out of an aeroplane...

Considering the jumpers travelled over 3.5 nautical miles during their descent, gliding forward at three times the speed of which they are falling before pulling the chutes at 3,000 feet, it's amazing just how well the footage holds up. Now all it needs is an edit and some Kenny Loggins Danger Zone playing in the background...



    the second clip starts 2 minutes 35 seconds after the first clip.

    Now I don't know whether to get GoPro or Contour for Scuba Diving...

      Contour vs. GoPro underwater:
      It's not a new video, but it's pretty telling.

        Yeah, I've seen similar videos, but I've seen the GoPro's with a fix that improves the quality of it underwater immensely so I am still probably going with the GoPro...

    How long should I cook a Pork Roast?

      Until it's done. Ba-dum-ZING!

    No HD? You'd think if they were trying to sell cameras, they'd at least make the videos HD.

      This is not the Contour site so perhaps the folks who wrote the story only posted up to 480p resolution due to bandwidth limitations of their own.

    Get it right, the number one track for skyjumping is done by David Lee Roth ;-)

      Agreed! Totally rad jump but Danger Zone really calls for some aerial maneuvers.

    I've found that contours just dont hold up to go pros. Here is a video from when I went skydiving. The first couple of shots are contour the rest is go pro hero 1. Huge difference.

    As a skydiver and a wingsuiter, I can say without a doubt that the GoPro (1&2) beats the contour hands down. A simple search on youtube will show how superior the GoPro is.

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