This Turbine Spun So Freaking Fast It Exploded

I've always found wind turbines to be hilarious, I mean, it just stands in the middle of nowhere, minding its own business, spinning peacefully. Not this exploded turbine though. This 100m tall, $US3 million(!) turbine spun itself so fast it EXPLODED IN FLAMES.

How the, what the, who the heck!? Poor turbine! You worked too hard! You didn't deserve to die like this. None of your other 15 turbines exploded! The turbine caught fire because of hurricane-force winds in Scotland. I hope they don't tear you down. [Telegraph UK]


    It seems to be facing the wrong way :)

      That was the first thing I noticed. Maybe it was unable to turn to face the wind, and was therefore running doubt, and clearly, a bad thing.

        Not only that, think of the amount of electricity it would have sucked out of the system :P

        You don't think that maybe it's spun about due to the, you know, big badda boom?

          And, theoretically, how many elements would you need for that big badda boom? :p

            just one. The 5th :)

    I'm guessing it was something like this:

    This incident just proves that these dud wind turbines are just an expensive mistake and an environmental disaster in the form of ticking time bombs!

      Because one exploded?

      Unlike nuclear power!

      When will the world learn to just put nuclear power plants everywhere instead of having motors running many meters into the air and typically away from everyone!

        While it is true that nuclear is more efficient and runs much cleaner, the issue is with storing spent nuclear fuel and the risk of terrorist attacks! The worlds nuclear ship fleets alone produce a massive amount of spent fuel, so when you add power plants it gets a lot worse. Then think about Fukushima, Chernobyl etc and it's just not worth it!

          "Fukushima, Chernobyl etc". There is only one other incident to add to your 'etc', and that's 3 Mile Island - no one was even killed at that one. 14500 cumulative reactor-years of operation across the world, and 3 incidents. Compare that to the disturbingly regular oil spills, shipping accidents and generally massive pollution that goes with fossil plants, and I'd say we come out ahead.
          Also, the mindset of 'we can't build them, terrorists will just blow them up' is pretty weak.

            I think you're missing the point by only concentrating on the three best know nuclear accidents I think there are a lot more minor incidents, plus lets not disregard the very real cost in human lives there. However the main point was the disposal of spent fuel, plus 'Captain Ouchie' makes a very good point too!

          I think you missed my sarcasm..
          Nuclear = much more dangerous no matter how you look at it.
          Wind turbines = A fan up in the sky not near anyone..

          That was in reference to him saying "environmental disaster in the form of ticking time bombs"..

        I also heard that they cost billions and take over 15 years to complete.

    If all the world's electricity was provided via uranium reactors the world would run out of uranium in about 60 years! nuclear power via uranium is a boondoggle.

      So build thorium reactors. Cheaper, inherently safe and far more available fuel.

    What I want to know is who was the lucky photographer? Imagine standing by, camera in hand, just waiting for one to fail! Ok, maybe he saw it was facing the wrong way and just waited. Great shot though :)

    It's another cloaked spaceship revealed by a passing solar mass ejection.

    This happens every single day around the world. If you go to Youtube and search "Exploding Wind Turbine" or "Wind Turbine on Fire", you will find HUNDREDS of videos of it happening.

    Im sure that it wasn't facing the wrong way before it exploded.
    Heard of 'Weather cocking' once the controller was 'detonated', the whole thing would swing around with the force of the wind.

    This is actually a success, the blades haven't wrapped around the tower exploding into lots of fibre reinforced shrapnel.

    How many houses have burnt down due to "electrical faults" (loads), now how many wind turbines?? (not a lot).

    Accepting that wind turbines suffer from low power density, but when the wind blows (most of the time in correct locations) they normally just slip around minding their own business, making up for the losses in the power grid. (Thats at least 15-20% of the cost of generation, hey if the turbines Just make up for this loss most of the time (some of the time, most of the time if coupled with solar thermal and/or PV) they are worth having.
    At least it is another industry to employ people, after-all we are all worried about people being made redundant due to robots, so we need more useless industries to employ those who would be in the Dole Queue otherwise.
    We can't offshore ongoing maintenance to Indian call centres.

    There is youtube footage of this showing it was not operating but the nacelle and rotor were turning on the tower in the wind before you see ignition, most likely an electrical short. Lets not get carried away with scaremongering about wind turbines, it appears half of Scotland was trashed by these extreme winds.

    Try watching 'Countdown to Zero'.

    Vertical-axis wind turbines FTW! So many advantages, it boggles my mind that it's not the most common design...

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