The Playstation Vita To Offer Remote Play On All PS3 Games?

According to Eurogamer, a future firmware update on the PS3 will allow Playstation Vita owners to remotely play any Playstation 3 game on the portable device anywhere there's an internet connection. My need to buy a Vita suddenly grew exponentially.

The remote play function - which has been somewhat limited with the PSP - will play back any game stored on the PS3's hard drive or in the Blu-ray drive at 480p resolution. While that's nowhere near the OLED screen's max resolution, it will reduce the amount of data you'd need to play on the go without sacrificing quality too much.

While Sony hasn't confirmed the function, it did demo Killzone streaming to the Vita as well as a co-op mode where Litle Big Planet was played both on a PS3 and a Vita at the Tokyo Game Show, apparently. Also in the unknown basket is whether the function will work over 3G.

But if this is true, it will go a long way to countering Nintendo's upcoming Wii U selling point, while offering a great way to finish off the growing piles of unfinished gaming shame around the world.


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