New Essential Apps Nov 2011: iOS, Android, WP7

New Essential Apps Nov 2011: iOS, Android, WP7

iPhones. iPads. Android. Windows Phone 7. We’ve updated all of our essential apps lists to include a few forgotten favourites, some long-awaited arrivals and, as always, even more amazing apps. Check them out!

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The Best iPhone Apps November 2011

It’s the start of a new month, and that means it’s time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps. Who will be inducted?



Sprd the Note: Share song with your friends directly from your iPhone. Import the track your want to share from your iPhone/iPod touch’s music library in Sprd the Note and you’ll have the option to share via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or email.

Is it Ready Yet?: Undercooked meat is not only gross, it’s potentially dangerous. And overcooked meat? That’s just wrong. Is It Ready? has 23 beef, pork and poultry variations to help determine the proper amount of time you should keep your meat in the oven.

AirCassette for iPhone: It’s a music player for your iPhone that transforms CoverFlow and iTunes and mp3s into a faux cassette player. You can relive the ’80s, but without the bad hair and day-glo clothing. If you’re so inclined you can make a mix tape for that special someone.

Astrid To-Do for iPhone: It’s a full-featured task manager that doesn’t make you want to rip your eyeballs out. Set up individual or group projects from the app quickly and easily. Email integration includes the ability to complete tasks by email. Oh, and it’s free.

Go: GO is an easy-to-use and beautiful app that lets users post photos, videos and messages onto their network (no cheating with backdated photos!). What’s great about GO is that it offers an anonymous option so you can feel free to post whatever you want without attaching your handle to it.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition: The iPhone version is simply a Minecraft Eden, a place to build and dig. And it works fairly well. The game comes with 36 different blocks to work with, the ability to save your work on the iPhone or iPad and support for multiplayer worlds over a local Wi-Fi connection.

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The Best Android Apps October 2011

Android got some pretty great apps that had been iOS exclusives. Tiny Tower will now waste the time of two platforms. Plus, creating time-lapse videos is a great way to ignore your phone for a few hours.


iOnRoad for Android: It’s an app that uses your phone’s native camera and sensors to tell you if you’re driving a safe distance from the cars in front of you, and alerts you visually and audibly if you’re approaching a car or object in front of you that pose a danger for collisions.

360 Panorama: Take a photo while spinning around to create 360 panoramic photos on your Android phone. Just be careful not to fall over.

Tiny Tower: IA free 8-bit style game that lets you channel your inner landlord. You build floors on a tower to attract “bitizens” to live in it and then control their lives (manage, hire, give a job, evict). It’s like SimCity but actually fun.

8tracks: 8tracks has always been a great way to combine your favourite songs into a custom playlist and share it with your friends. It’s now on Android. The service allows you to create a social playlist of songs with eight or more songs, pulled and organised from their huge database of tracks. Music reviewers like Pitchfork, Spin and Rolling Stone contribute playlists, and the service promises a social music discovery experience that lets you discover music that real people think works together.

Lapse It: It’s a time-lapse camera that makes it dead easy to capture time lapse videos with your Android phone. What’s cool, if it’s your cup of tea, is that you can add camera effects to your time-lapse videos too. Other than that, you basically set what sort of interval you want to take pictures at and Lapse It will export the video in all its amazingness.

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The Best iPad Apps November 2011

Google Search brought the Chrome browser to the iPad. Plus we get to learn to about WWII and how to handle all of our recipes.


Google Search: It’s like Google Chrome on the iPad. No really. This is probably one of the slickest apps on the iPad from Google. It has all the Google apps available in one spot and the the built-in browser is pretty much Chrome. You’re probably signed up for at least one Google service and the app is free, so check it out.

World War II Interactive for iPad: An entire app dedicated to the war to end all wars. You can follow the entire timeline of events, from what caused World War II to the Aftermath and everything in between. What’s especially great about World War II Interactive is that the app provides you with rare pictures and videos you’ve probably never seen before (unless of course, you’re a big WWII buff).

Codify for iPad: It’s an app for writing software. Codify uses Lua as its programming language. A simple language that works perfectly on the iPad. The app includes example programs to learn or crib off of to help you build your own app. Intelligent auto-complete and in-line reference documentation could help you take the first steps to app-developing domination.

Paprika: Built to handle recipes, the application has multiple views to help you see all of your recipes at once. Scroll through the steps, view large photos of the dish you’re making, and use the built-in web browser to scrub recipes from your favourite cooking and food sites. The app also helps you manage your grocery list, and can turn your recipes into a shopping list so you can pick up what you need to cook the meal you’re planning.

Martha Stewart Cocktails: Martha takes you beyond the regular cocktail recipe app with how-to videos and the history of drinks. The app will create a shopping list for your boozy excursions and recipes have a space to add your own notes. Like how wasted you got on lemon drop champagne punch.

Appetites’ Easy As Pie: What if all your meals were pie? No think about it. You’re thinking about it aren’t you. The Easy As Pie app has 19 pie recipes presented via how-to videos. With it, your pie-a-day dreams will become a reality.

Fotopedia Japan: Japan is awesome. They have robots, anime, sushi, ramen and, according to the Fast and Furious people, are drifting cars all over the place. But I can’t afford to hop on a plane and visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Instead I can stare at the amazing photos in this Fotopedia app. If I do save up the money to visit, the app’s Trip Builder will help me plan where to go.

W.E.L.D.E.R.: It’s a supremely addictive word puzzle game. Instead of filling in empty spaces with letters, you’re given a full slate of seemingly random letters already splayed across the board. The point of the game is to rearrange those letters into words. Score more points by connecting special letters and such.

MSI Afterburner: The app lets you overlock your PC from your iPhone or iPad. It all works over Wi-Fi and you get to monitor the temperature, voltage and fan speed and even tweak settings to overclock your PC. Nice.

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The Best Windows Phone Apps November 2011

It’s been a pretty busy few months for Windows Phone 7 as Mango was recently released and everyone is updating their apps to take advantage of its new hawtness. Make sure you update your apps as you jump to 7.5 and download these new apps that’ve joined the best WP7 apps list!


NPR Listener: Who doesn’t love Terry Gross and her smooth voice on NPR’s Fresh Air? Welp, now you can listen to Terry and the rest of the NPR crew with the NPR Listener app.

Assassin’s Creed – Altaïr’s Chronicles HD: A prequel to Assasin’s Creed offers six weapons for enemy-slaying action. On-screen controls replicate a controller as you battle your way through the game.

Thumba Photo Editor: Edit your photos with 70 adjustments and effects. Users can crop, add HDR effects, remove noise, and inspect or add GPS metadata to their photos.

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