The Creepiest Spider In The World Is The Only One That Carries Her Babies Like A Human

If there's an image that summarises my idea of complete horror, this is it: a wolf spider carrying dozens of babies on her back. It's the only spider in the world that does this.

It's also the only spider that carriers her eggs in a round silken globe attached to her abdomen. After a gestation of 9 to 27 days -- it varies depending on the temperature -- the egg hatch and the infant spiders move onto the mother's back until they are old enough to hunt on their own.

These spiders are everywhere in the world, billions of individuals living in gardens everywhere. They are voracious predators, roaming the soil under the ground looking for other insects to eat. Sometimes, they wander into houses.

When I was living in Miami I had an encounter with one of these wolf spiders, one that was burned into my retina. I remember the hairy bastard walking down the rug of my bedroom, my girlfriend screaming, me using a shoe to kill it and then what I remember being two hundred thousand little spiders running everywhere. Then I screamed more than my girlfriend because I hate spiders like that. [Spirderzrule -- Thanks Karl!]

Another view of the abdomen plagued with spiderlings.

A wolf spider carrying her eggs in a silken globe on her abdomen. The only spider in the world to exhibit this eerily human-ish behaviour.

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    Well...I'm not sleeping tonight.

    you think that is creepy, check out camel spiders. have a mate who is deployed in afghan with the ADF, they keep blokes on watch in the lines to make sure the creepy buggers dont come crawling on them while they sleep!

      They're freaky but not deadly...I think he was pulling your leg.

    i saw one of those spiders in my backyard about 4 motnhs ago.. it was freaky, and it did the same thing. does that mean there are wolf spiders in aus too?

      Yes there are. They are only mildly venomous, but not like the other buggers we have down here.

    Im not so sure about the wolf spider being the only spider to carry its young like that. I had a spider in the house just a few days ago that was quite small compared to a wolf spider and it was carrying its young. But yeah, we get wolf spiders here in Australia too.

    KILL IT! Kill it with fire!

      Yes! Yes! Do it NOW!

    I didn't need to know about this.

    I hate spiders, as a teenager I got over my phobia by catching the spiders and freezing them in the spare freezer. I later modded a can of butane and used that to freeze them on the spot (added advatage was fire if needed).

    Got over the phobia till one day not long ago here in Melbourne, I seen what looked like a small hairy spider crawl on the floor in front of my TV, I can't remember what I did to it (I think I tried to crush it under a shoe, that part of my memory is blocked, but is sure to come up in my dreams tonight, however all I remember is hundeds of smaller spiders coming off it and running EVERYWHERE. I destoryed a can of flyspray and slept in my car for a week while I waited for the air in my place to clear. I really hate spiders.

      My wife had the exact same thing happen to her, over the roof/bed... freaked her out well & good, especially as they fell onto the bed as they succomed to the spray.

        Actually I dealt with most with a vacuum first....

    I know a guy, who if I showed him this, would actually go catatonic. I'd better not then.

    Must be spider time - walked into the bathroom ready for shower and sleep (sans protective layer of clothes) and right up to the sink not noticing the FLAMING HUGE Huntsman in the bowl RIGHT NEAR MY JUNK! - I think the police were called due to my screams!

    Hollly Sh*t!! calll the ghost busters! they might be able to Help us!?!!?

    One thing the article fails to mention is that Wolf spiders aren't really venomous to humans.

    So no matter how creepy they look, it's better to encounter a wolf spider than a funnelweb, redback or whitetail.

      Actually they are mildly venomous, but not dangerously so.

    What about the big black house spiders we see here in Australia that do the same thing? Nothing worse than seeing a big black spider, giving it a whack and seeing a black mass spread out over the carpet as that BIG spider becomes about a thousand tiny ones.

    I'm sure they're not wolf spiders, and I'm sure I wouldn't want to get bitten by mummy.

    I used to be pretty shit-scared of spiders, but then my balls dropped.

    If you can, find a Huntsman and pick it up. Be careful not to squish it in your girly panic, it won't hurt you. It'll help you get used to spiders ;) I've got a few that hang around my movie room (epic back-shed makeover ftw), they help keep the other bugs from multiplying too much.

      I don't mind spiders, but I've never had the courage to pick one up.

      Will a huntsman really not bite you? I know they're not deadly, but still not keen on a painful and nauseating bite.

        Some *can* bite you, depends on where they are on you and how big their fangs are, but it doesn't hurt :p I had one on my neck once, accidentally turned my head so it squashed one of the legs a little. Got a little nip for that, but yeah laughable in terms of pain.

    I think that's cute. What a good mum.

      lol I agree, quite caring/motherly, quite un-Australian really... The fact that it takes a responsible in the upbringing of it's children... It must have come here by boat otherwise it would have *defaulted* to having some other spider "professionally" care for it's babies 110% of the time... :P

    I feel better with a couple of huntsmans and/or wolf spiders in my home. Would be even better if I had a backyard, but quite happy to have 'em taking care of the pest bugs.

    Wolf spiders are common in Australia. They provide little danger to humans and they eat flies and mozzies. So don't worr them and they won't worry you. Most of any spiders young are eaten by other spiders anyway, usually their brothers and sisters.

    is that right before she eats them?

    I have one occassionally run around in my house. I can't be bothered turfing them outside because another one always pops up. As long as it eats the crickets, it can go wherever it wants too.

    Wolf spiders are the most caring mommy spider in the world, yet they're the creepiest. Source:

    Teach you a good one about blindly hitting things. Wolf spiders would much rather get out of ur way or show them the door.

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