The Best Videos Of The Week

Maybe you were swamped at the office this week and couldn't check your favourite video sites. Or maybe you could use a distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

Watch These Crazy People Jumping Into The Darkest Pit Of Hell

These guys are Polish. They are also freaking crazy for jumping into this dark hole in an abandoned gold mine in the Czech Republic, near the Polish border. View »

Listen To 22 Supercars Start Their Engines

Some people think all supercars, from Agera to Zonda, are the same: fast, expensive, and pretty much any eight-year-old could drive one. They're wrong. View »

Ambien Does Some Crazy Sh*T To Your Brain

People on Ambien can get pretty nutty: they hallucinate dragons (see above), cook, eat, file their nails, have long coversations, even drive-and remember nothing later. View »

Did The Skyrim Patch Make Things Better? Or Worse?

After game developer Bethesda released a patch-Version 1.02-for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gamers took to the forums. Many Rejoiced, noting that the PS3 Freeze Issue appeared fixed. View »

Extremely High-Wind Landing Is Extremely Scary

In pilot-speak "Crabbing" refers to angling the nose of a plane in order to compensate for a crosswind, as can be seen in this video of an extraordinarily high wind landing in Calgary this weekend. View »

How To Use Photoshop To Make Your Loved Ones Look Pretty These Holidays

This is a very simple, quick method to make everyone have beautiful skin in these holidays family photos, even if your family is on meth. I've used a variant of this method in the past years and it works perfectly. View »

So This Call Of Duty Ad Is Much Better

OK, so that First Jonah Hill X Sam Worthington Call Of Duty Ad was...OK. A little cheesy, a little much, but OK. Their newer, second commercial is much better. Less effects, less bombast. View »

Watch A Lamborghini Driver Hit 330 Km/h On A Public Road

Headed from Scottsdale, Arizona to Miami, Florida, this Bullrun rally driver stretches the legs on his Lamborghini LP640 out to its upper reaches - View »

Siri Hacked To Start A Car

Last week we showed you how a developer had hacked Siri to operate his internet-connected thermostat. But that's not cool. Starting your car using Siri, now that's cool.

Actually, that's a bit unfair. View »

The Elder Scrolls Adventures Re-Envisions Skyrim As A 1980S Saturday Morning Cartoon

Raise your hands if you remember that weird Dungeons & Dragons cartoon that ran from 1985 to 1987. That show was clearly made to capitalise on the popularity of D&D, but I still tuned in every week with the hopes that it'd get better. View »

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