Telstra Selling Galaxy Nexus Tomorrow

It was rumoured for Optus, then confirmed for Vodafone. And now Telstra has pipped both at the post, confirming that the Galaxy Nexus will be available for Telstra customers in store and online from tomorrow.

The ICS handset will be available for $10 a month on the $59 Freedom Connect plan over 24 months including $550 worth of calls and 1.5GB of data, or $0 up front on the $79 Freedom Connect plan with $800 worth of calls and 2GB of data.

If you can wait, Telstra has confirmed its partners at JB Hi-Fi and FoneZone will sell the phone from Thursday.

So, who's getting one?

Update: You can compare all the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone options for the Galaxy Nexus in Lifehacker's Planhacker listing.



    Will definitely play around with one to see the new OS. But I wont be buying one. Similar to the Nexus S I cant see this phone becoming mainstream like the Galaxy S 2but that's just my 2c.

      The Nexus S' main limitation is that it was a Vodafone excusive, and really didn't offer anything that the Galaxy S hadn't before it - other than GingerBread.

      Galaxy Nexus on the other hand (seems) to be available in the near future from all three main carriers, and offers a major improvement in the screen, higher hardware specs, and a significantly updated OS (I'm running ICS on my Nexus S, and it's a helluva improvement).

      Having said that though, the SGS-II had already had its asking price slashed and is a very competant phone

    Already got mine from the UK. Using Optus network through Amaysim and this is hands-down the best phone I have ever had the pleasure of using.
    No regrets.

    Here is the optus plans

    I guess we're looking at the HSPA+ edition rather than the LTE one for both carriers?

    I have ICS on my Nexus S (with Telstra) at the moment an its pretty amazing (compared to gingerbread). I'm gonna have to go into a Telstra shop tommorow and see if the beefier hardware and amazing screen adds enough to the experience to be worth a 24 month contract.

    After seeing mention that Vodafone were picking up the Galaxy Nexus I was worried that it was going to be exclusive and doomed to be on their rubbish network unless I bought it outright (as i did with the Nexus S).

    Imported one, played with it since last week :)

    MAJOR MAJOR upgrade coming from a Nexus one.

    I hope those prices are for the 32GB model, I can't wait til my current plan's expiry early next year.

      Yeah I do hope the prices are for the 32Gb model as well, or gizmodo could you ASK them if its for the 16 or 32Gb models??
      cos i wont be getting the 16Gb model without a microSD card reader in it... (ive filled up my htc desire with enough stuff)

        The lack of an SD slot is my only bugbear with this phone, but as well, I have a 32GB card in my Desire which is always full. It's the 32GB model for me or it's a deal-breaker.

        An update on the specs of the phone would be much appreciated!

    Unfortunately i believe the 32GB model is LTE only.
    I would suspect that the model being sold by Telstra, Voda and Optus will be the 16GB...disappointing.

    From the SlashGear review of the Galaxy Nexus:
    "Inside, there’s a 1.2GHz dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processor, paired with 1GB of RAM and, in this HSPA+ version, 16GB of storage (which can be freely used for either user-data or apps). The LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus has up to 32GB"

    wait... is the GALAXY NEXUS a different phone to the NEXUS S?

    I'm confused =[

      ok I get it now:

      Galaxy S (2), Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S... why to confuse the fuck out of the general populace Samsung!

    So shouldi easier for an lte version? Or will it not matter much for Telstra?

    Auto correct fail. "should I wait for an..."

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