Superheadz Clap Is A Tiny Two Megapixel Camera

It's a lot less subtle than Superheadz tiny cat camera from earlier this year, but there's nothing wrong with having a cute and supremely portable digital camera that looks like an actual camera.

The Superheadz Clap comes in at 35 x 71 x 15mm and 24g, so it's a bit chunkier than your standard USB thumb drive. Making up for this is the fact it can fit a MicroSD card (up to 16GB) and snap photos at 1280x1024 and record video at 720x480 with its 2MP sensor. Photos can be downloaded via the built-in USB plug, or you can pull the card out and read it separately. You'll also have to delete photos this way, as there's no native way to do it with the camera.

There's no onboard memory, so a MicroSD card is a must. The camera itself takes about three hours to charge via a USB port (a 12-hour charge is recommended for the first three uses), and Superheadz claims it's good for a hour of continuous shooting when juiced up.

You can try and purchase the Clap from the manufacturer's website, though the purchase page is in Japanese, and even with Google Translate, I couldn't immediately see a way to ship overseas. Instead, you can pick it up locally for $60 from lofico. This price includes a 2GB MicroSD card.

Example photos taken by the Clap can be found below.

[Superheadz, via Gizmocrave]

Top image: Gizmocrave Photos: Superheadz

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