Shooting Challenge: 5 Shots Of Fingers And Toes

We've all got them, and yet they're all different. Here are five excellent interpretations of this week's shooting challenge - fingers and toes.

Greg Oliver

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It's school holidays, I'm in charge for the day and thought it'd be fun for the kids to get involved in the shooting challenge. Whilst I was trying to figure out how to shoot their fingers and/or toes my daughter pulled out her textas and start drawing on her foot. My son got into it too and we decided we would feature their artwork.

The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 50D at 1/125sec, f5.0, ISO 200 with a flash bounced off the ceiling while they were standing on a piece of white cardboard.

I then went back to my Windows computer to tweak the raw file a little in Lightroom, only to discover that my computer had stopped working, completely. The fan's still spinning but nothing's on the screen. Perfect timing...

I ended up doing a crop and some simple tweaks in iPhoto on my Mac laptop.

Chen-Po Sun

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Something Christmas themed that includes fingers and toes :)

My wife had recently painted her finger and toe nails Christmas colours, when I came across the latest shooting challenge. I looked at my wife's prettily painted nails and then at our Christmas tree and thought we could do something there, so quickly set up a shot to try a few things and this was the result. Merry Christmas!

Nikon D7000 AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G ISO200, f/5.6, 1/250 Nissin DI-866 @ 1/10th through umbrella camera right

Ben Vawdrey

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Canon Eos 550d 18-55mm EFS @ 18mm, F/3.5, 1/60th, ISO 3200

Helping a mate out with some studio work. Decided to bring the camera along. I can't explain why I felt like taking photos of the levels desk but I became very interested in playing with depth of field with it. My mate started to adjust some levels and put his hand in one of my shots. I really liked the detail on his forefinger and converting it to black and white just gave it an awesome feel for me.

Hayden Shepherd

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Canon 60d - EF-S 10-22mm [email protected]/29 ISO 100

Left the work christmas party early and took some photos around Maroubra. Hey look, it's my toes!

Paul Power

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I am plain phobic of human hands and feet. The wrinkly skin, the nails...sorry just had to take a break from dry retching. Now furry animals, they're plain cute. So I grabbed a shot of our cat Quinn (AKA Fat Apollo) - I wish you could see the wider angle, he sleeps in the oddest positions. His paws clench up like this when he is dreaming.

No fancy equipment, just an iPhone 4s.

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