Seven Geek Cred Reasons To See The Muppets

Clearly, there is no logical reason you would not already be planning to see The Muppets when it opens in Australia on January 12. It's the Muppets. Case closed. But if you need an extra excuse to boost your geek cred with your mates, Team Giz has got your back covered after sneaking into the Aussie media preview. Yaaaay!

  • The songs are by Flight Of The Conchords mainman Bret McKenzie, and one of them is so Conchords-esque you can break out the chorus of 'The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)' right now.
  • While the Muppets have been away, Scooter has apparently been working for Google.
  • One of the new Muppet characters is '80s Robot. His image speaks for itself, as does his dialogue: "I shall take the liberty of using my modem to locate the Muppets". (When the Muppets make a brief excursion to France to retrieve Miss Piggy, he even uses Minitel.)
  • A smashed LCD. Can't get enough of those.
  • Gonzo has the world's most awesome gadget, a switch labelled 'Automatic Destroy Plumbing Business Button'. And it works.
  • Random modern gags. Example #1: "I think that's just an Internet rumour, like there's a country called Turkey." Example #2: while they've been away, Fozzie Bear has been performing in a knock-off tribute act called The Moopets. Example #3: The best barbershop quartet sequence ever, which I am not going to ruin with a spoiler.
  • The Swedish Chef as a ninja. Case doubled-closed.

Finally, consider this. Fox Business News, part of the news team that's dumber than a box of hair, argued that The Muppets should be avoided because it promotes communism. Do you really want to live in a world where Fox News is even vaguely right?

Main picture by Frederick M Bowen/Getty Images

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