Optus Launches Its Own FetchTV App For MeTV

FetchTV may have launched its own iOS app yesterday for remotely controlling the FetchTV box, but that wasn't good enough for Optus. The telco has launched its own version of the app for its MeTV service, conveniently dubbed MeTV with Fetch.

The app essentially functions in the same way as the Fetch TV app we saw yesterday, except with the added benefit of offering unmetered movie trailers for Optus mobile customers who use the service. You can remotely record programs, rent movies for later viewing on your MeTV box, share your viewing habits using social networks, and use your iPad or iPhone as a remote control.

Considering it doesn't cost anything for Optus customers already using the MeTV service, it's definitely a handy addition. Hopefully we'll see the ability to stream content stored on the MeTV box to your iPhone launch in future versions of the software though, to make it a really killer service.


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