Microsoft Releases Kinectimals, Halo Waypoint Ports For iOS

Microsoft Releases Kinectimals, Halo Waypoint Ports For iOS

Following the surprise launch of the My Xbox Live app for iOS from Microsoft last week, it seems somebody at Redmond has decided that exclusivity isn’t the path to success, and has green-lit the launch of Microsoft titles Kinectimals and Halo Waypoint for iOS.

Halo WayPoint is a free download on the iTunes Store for both iPhone and iPad, while Kinectimals is a $2.99 universal app for both Apple platforms. Both are ports of the original Windows Phone 7 apps, so there’s nothing really new on offer, other than availability on Microsoft’s old rival’s platform.

Given the lack of quality exclusive Xbox Live titles on WP7, it is a little surprising to see Microsoft willingly give up some of the amall advantage they have to its rival platform. Although there isn’t Game Center support so maybe Redmond is trying to tempt people over to WP7 with the promise of Achievements…

More likely, Microsoft knows that WP7 has a long way to go, and realises that it’s better to have product selling on the App Store while it grows its own OS’s market share.

Either way, here’s hoping we see more of it… Gears of War on iPad, anyone?