MeeMeep Uses Commuters As Couriers

If you drove to work this morning, how many people were in your car? One? Two? Seven? Chances are, you drove all the way in solo and while that will let you belt out Livin' on a Prayer at the top of your lungs, it's not great for the environment or traffic. A new Aussie startup called MeeMeep is hoping to turn solo drivers into couriers.

It works like this: You list something you need moved from point a to point b. Registered users of the MeeMeep service will look at jobs, and if there's something that aligns with their trip, they'll agree to move it. MeeMeep introduces the mover and the movee, who then work out the terms of the arrangement. MeeMeep will hold on to the money until the delivery is made and everyone is happy, so it's nice and secure.

It seems like a great idea that needs a fairly large user base to make it easier than just hiring a courier. The fact you can earn a bit of extra cash by doing nothing more than your regular daily commute is also a hugely appealing notion. Even if it's a tiny fee, at least it might pay for petrol. And given the rising cost of fuel, every cent will definitely help.

Has anybody tried this out yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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