MeeMeep Uses Commuters As Couriers

If you drove to work this morning, how many people were in your car? One? Two? Seven? Chances are, you drove all the way in solo and while that will let you belt out Livin' on a Prayer at the top of your lungs, it's not great for the environment or traffic. A new Aussie startup called MeeMeep is hoping to turn solo drivers into couriers.

It works like this: You list something you need moved from point a to point b. Registered users of the MeeMeep service will look at jobs, and if there's something that aligns with their trip, they'll agree to move it. MeeMeep introduces the mover and the movee, who then work out the terms of the arrangement. MeeMeep will hold on to the money until the delivery is made and everyone is happy, so it's nice and secure.

It seems like a great idea that needs a fairly large user base to make it easier than just hiring a courier. The fact you can earn a bit of extra cash by doing nothing more than your regular daily commute is also a hugely appealing notion. Even if it's a tiny fee, at least it might pay for petrol. And given the rising cost of fuel, every cent will definitely help.

Has anybody tried this out yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below.



    I had this exact idea about a year ago, but for carpooling... Damn those people for reading my thoughts!!! AGAIN!!!

    I used MeeMeep to get something delivered and had 3 bids on my job within 20 mins - It was easy and I felt better using them than a courier - reducing carbon footprint in anyway I can!


    My concern is if the goods get damaged while being couriered what happens? Is there insurance?

      Couriers and Transport companies take no responsibility for lost or damaged goods. You agree to this the moment you sign the Con Note as sender.
      Read the back of a TNT con note, you will never send anything valuable via a courier again.

        Doesn't mean shit though, we send 400-500 consignments a day. When stuff gets 'lost' or damaged the couriers cover it 99% of the time.

          Couriers have insurance. Or you can buy insurance. Let's see what happens when a member of meemeep steals the item or has a crash then has to claim on their insurance "oh, you were acting as as a delivery driver and using car for business purposes - insurance claim denied"

            Hey there - loving the conversation. Thanks for talking about MeeMeep! Important issues raised about insurance and we are hoping that we have them covered. Jay is spot on about the insurance issues with using your car for business, which is why we ask all our Movers to check out their policy before they proceed. MeeMeep has also partnered with AI Insurance to offer a tailored Car Insurance Policy that allows the Meeper to undertake 5 mover jobs per week within the scope of the policy.

            Regarding insurance for goods being delivered. Many of our Movers on the site have access to Transit or Removals insurance, so if you have any concerns that is always an option. We are also about to introduce Goods Indemnity, which is a form of limited compensation for loss or damage to your goods whilst being Meeped.

            We are brand new and welcome any suggestions or feedback. Thanks

              cool - now if only i could drive

                Check out the video Alex - you don't have to be able to drive - you can use public transport or any form of transport :-) I do believe you have to be over 18 though.

            Err.. Like most people, when you are making your insurance claim, there will be things you *don't* say ;)

    Meemeep rocks.
    Simple, useful and fun.

    Hmmm. Can see no end of trouble with this for the drivers.
    I used to work as a temp car courier (owner driver deal, small company) but gave it up after a fellow temp driver had a minor fender bender on a delivery.
    Since he was using the car for commercial use his usual Full Comprehensive becomes void and left him practically uninsured except for CTP.
    Claims assesor refused to pay and cancelled his cover and it was suddenly really hard to get any other car insurance with an "uninsured accident" on record.
    I'm sure there's cover that allows commercial work, but you'd have to be careful.

    I have used MeeMeep a number of times and have been suitably impressed. It's a good way to earn some extra dough in a tough climate where the price of everything is skyrocketing! One job involved sending a framed picture, which was a wedding present, from Melbourne to friends in Adelaide. I chose a rated mover who was driving to Adelaide anyway. He picked up the goods on time, delivered them when he said he would and earnt $75 towards his fuel bill. I think he may have also done another MeeMeep job on the enroute and earnt a total of around $120. Very happy with the experience!!

    Used MeeMeep twice now, love it. Used it once for a personal pickup and another for work.

    Meemeep rocks.

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