LolCat Kingpin May Pull 1,000+ Domains From GoDaddy In SOPA Protest

Ben Huh has made a pile of cash for himself for delivering hot memes to the masses over the past few years -- the man owns I Can Has Cheezburger. Now, post-GoDaddy revelation, he's threatening to take his business elsewhere.

Ben Huh just tweeted his intention to remove the over one thousand domains his empire -- which includes Fail Blog and Know Your Meme -- from GoDaddy's services. While that wouldn't exactly be a deathblow to the mega-registrar, it's a high profile gesture against the lumbering shit-service's endorsement of SOPA.

We applaud this -- big ol' props to Ben Huh for taking a stand. It'd be great to see some other big customers do the same. [Ben Huh]

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