Live Video: Watch This Aussie DJ Break The World Record For Longest DJ Set

What are you up to tonight? If you’re DJ Smokin, you’re at The Empire Hotel in Sydney’s King Cross and just a few hours away from breaking the record — 120 hours and 19 minutes. He’s aiming for 168 hours (7 days straight) and there are some tricky rules to keep things interesting.

You can’t play the same song within a four hour window, though he’s aiming to not repeat anything. Also: no USB sticks/hard drives – CDs only. Thankfully there’s no limit on caffeine or Red Bull (and I’m told he gets 5 minutes to run to the loo each hour).

That much sleep deprivation without, err, “help” – damn.

We wish you all the best Joe! - Thanks Shawn! [DJTechTools and InTheMix]

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