JB Hi-Fi Preparing To Launch Its Music Subscription Service Now

It's been a few months since we've heard anything about JB Hi-Fi's music subscription service, but now the retailer has launched a teaser page outlining the service, as well as given an indication of starting prices.

Essentially a competitor with Sony's Qriocity and Microsoft's Zune music services, JB Hi-Fi Now is an all you can eat music streaming subscription services that offers six million songs from over 100,000 artists, streamable to your computer for a flat monthly fee.

JB is hoping to differentiate itself by introducing in-depth band information on artists and albums, as well as offering the ability to create playlists you can share with friends, all while following others. So kind of like Ping, except in a music streaming service, I guess.

The preview page claims pricing will start at $6.67 a month, which is a reasonable starting point, although there's no mention of what that fee actually includes, nor how high the payment ceiling is.

Mobile apps will also be launching next year, as opposed to the launch window for the PC version which is set to happen this year.

It all sounds fairly standard stuff. My question is whether it's enough to persuade people away from Qriocity or Zune?

[JB Hi-Fi]

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