Invisible Speaker Lets Your Room's Decor Show Through

Worrying about choosing the right speakers to match the aesthetics of your room is certainly a first world problem, but that doesn't make People People's transparent speakers any less lustworthy. They need to get these into production ASAP.

First and foremost it was created to be a stylish alternative to most home stereo eyesores, camouflaging itself into any setting by simply letting the existing decor of a room show through. But its creators also wanted to come up with something that minimised electronic waste. So only the speaker cones, electronics and framework are shipped. The glass panels used in its construction are sourced locally, so the extra padding and packaging needed to safely ship them are minimised.

To further improve the look of the speaker, the number of visible wires has also been minimised with the inclusion of a rechargeable wifi antenna that simply plugs into the headphone jack or line out port of any audio source. Or should I say will be minimised since People People's lovely design is actually still in development, and probably won't be available for a while. [People People via Hypebeast]

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