I'm Tempted To Buy An iPhone Just So I Can Use The Elevation Dock

Most phone docking stations are little more than glorified microUSB connections -- cheap, plastic, and useless if you use a cover. But this! This is a iPhone dock I can get behind.

The Elevation Dock by Portland-based ElevationLab is the Cadillac of iPhone docks. Machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminium, it features a low-friction connection that doesn't require two hands to disconnect, a movable support pad to accommodate cases of virtually any size, and a hand buffed, glass bead blasted, electro-chemically micro-polished finish. It's solid and sturdy, what more do you want? Oh, right. Elevation Dock+.

Elevation Dock+ incorporates a shielded Line Level audio out as well as a USB wall power adaptor. The Line Level outputs better audio than the mic jack since it bypasses the iPhone's internal amp, delivering a higher fidelity sound.

The Elevation Dock is a Kickstarter project -- and not yet fully funded -- but is roughly halfway to its goal of $US75,000 with 60 days to go. Pledge $US60 for the aluminium finish, $US85 for the matte black and $US150 or more to earn a custom, limited-edition finish in either green or orange. [Kickstarter via Daring Fireball]



    about time someone did something about that. Seriously though, couldn't Apple just put some weights in its existing docks?

    Having to take it out two handed is just silly design.

    A cover would not be a problem if you bought a phone that didn't need one... you know, one that didn't break when you look at it the wrong way... yeah I went there...

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