I Wish The New Lego X-Wing 2012 Was Out Now

When I sent photos of the best Lego X-Wing ever created to the company headquarters in Billund, Denmark, they told me that it was awesome — but it didn't show enough studs — their design DNA — and it was probably too fragile.

Then they pointed out that they will release a new, better X-Wing in 2012. Indeed, this one is a lot better than their previous model, but it's still not as good as the fan-made one. That one is still the bee's knees.

That said, it's good enough to make me want to buy it for this Christmas. Sadly, it won't come out until next year.

Extra points: the new Lego X-Wing 2012 includes a Porkins minifig. Just make sure you eject the poor bastard before crashing your model.

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